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Purple Coneflower grows up to 3 feet tall, with light purplish pink petals sprouting from a distinct reddish-orange cone shaped center. It typically blooms in late summer with its bright and full flowers attracting a variety of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. These striking features and ease of establishment make it a very popular choice for prairie meadows, home gardens and natural landscaping.

Purple coneflower is a perennial herb. This wildflower was one of the most important medicinal plants used by Native Americans. It was used by many tribes throughout North America to treat an extensive variety of ailments from treating snake bites to soothing gastrointestinal issues to boosting immunity.

Purple Coneflower is still widely used as an herbal remedy today and as a result of its widespread use as a herbal treatment, this particular species is becoming progressively scarcer in its native environment. Excessive harvesting from the wild has significantly diminished the population of these plants which makes it a great option for planting for your next project.

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