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Common Name: Annual Sunflower

Scientific Name: Helianthus annuus

Native / Introduced: Native

Main Uses:

~Rehabilitation projects

~As a pollinator

~Disturbed land restoration

~Beautification projects

Height: 3-6 feet

Colors: Yellow with brown centers

Flowering Season: Summer

Soil Types: Most soil types

Tolerances: Drought

Sun or Shade: Full Sunlight

Minimum Precipitation: 10 inches

Lifecycle: Annual

Planting Seed Rate: 15-20 lbs/acre

Estimated Seeds Per Pound: 58,000

Optimal Planting Season: Fall/Spring

Planting Depth: 1/4 - 1/2 inches

Stratification Required: None



Full Description

Annual Sunflower is a drought tolerant wildflower predominantly found on foothills, roadsides, fields and disturbed sites. This annual wildflower blooms in the summer with many yellow flower heads growing from tall, rough, and hairy stems.


In the western United States, Annual Sunflower is mainly mixed in with other annual species as a pollinator and to provide a good cover source for many wildlife species living in dry environments.


Annual Sunflower is great forage for small animals, birds and bugs. This wildflower is a good match for most reclamation projects due to its hardy nature and ability to grow in most environments. It is one of few late season native pollinators in the western United States.



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Photo Credit: Mark Bonica and Tracie Hall

Annual Sunflower Seeds


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