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Drought tolerant, low growing, and virtually maintenance free, this mix is Ideal for revegetating and beautifying bare areas, controlling erosion, and suppressing weeds. Particularly useful in border areas beyond landscaping to cover bare soil and prevent unwanted weed or vegetative encroachment.


Species included

  • Sandberg Bluegrass
  • Crested Wheatgrass (Low growing variety)
  • Sheep Fescue (Covar)
  • Hard Fescue (Durar)


Seeding Rate

Drill: 16–20 lbs/acre

Broadcast: 22–28 lbs/acre



Can be seeded anytime during the growing season if using irrigation for stand establishment. If no irrigation is available, a fall (dormant) or early spring seeding will be best. ¼ inch seeding depth. Drilling is the preferred method of seeding, but if not practical, broadcasting seed is acceptable. Can be mowed/grazed or left to grow naturally, if mowed or grazed leave a 4 inch stubble height. Requires a minimum of 12 inches of annual precipitation. Can be irrigated, but irrigation is not necessary if annual precipitation exceeds 12 inches.

Low Maintenance Seed Mix


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