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Common Name: Mexican Gold Poppy

Scientific Name: Eschscholzia californica ssp .mexicana

Native / Introduced: Native

Main Uses:

~Wildflower plantings

~As a pollinator

Height: ½ – 1 1/2 ft tall

Colors: Orange and yellow

Flowering Season: Spring

Soil Types: Sandy to medium texture soils

Tolerances: Drought

Sun or Shade: Full sun

Minimum Precipitation: 14 - 20 inches

Elevation: Up to 7,000 ft

Lifecycle: Annual

Planting Seed Rate: 3 - 6 lbs/acre

Estimated Seeds Per Pound: 800,000

Optimal Planting Season: Fall or spring

Planting Depth: 1/8 inch

Stratification Requirements: None

Category: Forbs



Mexican Gold Poppy, a subspecies of California Poppy, thrives in the desert regions of Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. This vibrant wildflower displays its resplendent golden-yellow blooms in early spring, primarily adorning the slopes of desert hills. Flourishing best in sandy to medium-textured soils, this poppy is characterized by its resilience to drought once established, making it an ideal choice for arid landscapes with low water availability.


Mexican Gold Poppy thrives in full-sun conditions. It is a valuable addition to wildflower mixes, contributing both visual appeal and serving as a pollinator. Additionally, this poppy species is adept at reseeding on its own, contributing to its sustainable growth and presence in its native habitat. Mexican Gold Poppy particularly flourishes after warm, wet winters or substantial cool spring rainfall, highlighting its adaptive nature to specific climatic conditions.



NRCS Plant Profile:


Photo Credits: Eileen Kane and Patrick Alexander

Mexican Gold Poppy


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