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Common Name: Needle and Threadgrass

Scientific Name: Hesperostipa comata

Native / Introduced: Native

Main Uses:

~Disturbed land restoration
~Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Height: 2 - 4 feet

Root Type: Bunchgrass

Growing Season: Cool

Soil Types:

~Sandy or Gravelly
~Loamy & fine or well-drained textures

Sun or Shade: Full Sunlight, partial shade

Minimum Precipitation: 8 inches

Lifecycle: Perennial

Planting Seed Rate: 6 lbs/ac

Estimated Seeds Per Pound: 115,000

Optimal Planting Season: Fall

Planting Depth: 1/2 inch



Needle and Threagrass is a perennial cool-season bunchgrass that is known for its drought-tolerant characteristics. It is adapted to sandy or gravelly to loamy textures but can also grow on more fine-textured, well-drained soils. This grass species can be found widely distributed over the western and plains states at elevations ranging from low to medium high. It provides fair to good  forage before needle-sharp seeds mature and again after they drop. Additionally, it is fire-tolerant, and often, it is one of the first species to establish on a disturbed site.

Needle and Threagrass is a very valuable native grass for revegetation of disturbed soil caused by mining and other activities on harsh, dry, sandy or gravelly soils. It is also an important native wildlife habitat species. This grass species requires a minimum precipitation of 8 inches, and it is recommended to be planted in the fall for optimal growth and establishment.



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Photo Credit: Needle and Thread by Patrick Alexander

Needle and Threadgrass Seeds


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