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Premium Semi-irrigated Pasture


This pasture mix is intended for use where there is limited or seasonal irrigation availability. The species and varieties are slightly different compared to the irrigated mix to fit this application. These grass and forb species will produce with or without full irrigation and have moderate drought tolerance. Can be grazed or cut for hay. Great for pastures that receive only spring irrigation.


Species Included

Meadow Brome (Cache)

Tall Fescue (Endophyte Free)

Orchardgrass (Paiute)

Intermediate Wheatgrass (Oahe)

Alfalfa (Hytons Blend)


Seeding Rate

Drill: 20–25 lbs/acre

Broadcast: 28–35 lbs/acre



Can be seeded anytime the soil can be kept moist. Depending on your irrigation availability, a fall (dormant) or early spring seeding may be best if irrigation is limited in summer months. ¼ inch planting depth. Do not graze until plants are well established. For best results apply fertilizer according to a soil test. This mix requires a minimum of 16 inches of total precipitation.

Premium Semi-irrigated Pasture Seed Mix


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