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Common Name: Purple Prairie Clover

Scientific Name: Dalea purpurea

Native / Introduced: Native

Highlights / Main Uses:


~Wildlife habitat improvement


Height: 1-3 feet

Colors: Purple Pedals on long green spikes

Flowering Season: Summer

Soil Types: Most well drained soil

Tolerances: Some fire and drought tolerance

Sun or Shade: Full sun, patial shade

Minimum Precipitation: 14-18 inches

Lifecycle: Perennial

Planting Seed Rate: 5-8 lbs/acre

Estimated Seeds Per Pound: 210,000

Optimal Planting Season: Fall

Planting Depth: 1/4 inch deep

Category: Forb



Purple Prairie Clover is known for its summer blooming season when it displays striking pinkish-purple flowers arranged on elongated green spikes. This legume has a relatively low to moderate demand for water. It is both palatable and nutritious and serves as a nitrogen-fixing legume. Purple Prairie Clover finds utility in various applications, including pollinator support, enhancing wildlife habitats, and augmenting rangeland and pasture plantings. Additionally, it holds value as a crucial component in wildflower mixtures, wildlife-friendly plantings, and the reestablishment of vegetation in disturbed lands.


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Purple Prairie Clover Seeds


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