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Common Name: Showy Goldeneye

Scientific Name: Heliomeris multiflora

Native / Introduced: Native

Main Uses:

~Rehabilitation projects

~Beautification projects

~Wildlife habitat improvement

Height:  1-4 feet

Colors: Bright Yellow

Flowering Season: Summer

Elevation: 3,000 - 11,800 feet

Soil Types: Most soil textures including rocky and gravelly

Tolerances: Drought

Sun or Shade: Full sun to partial shade

Minimum Precipitation: 12- 14 inches

Lifecycle: Perennial

Planting Seed Rate: 1-2 lbs/acre

Estimated Seeds Per Pound: 1,050,000

Optimal Planting Season: Fall/Spring

Planting Depth: 1/8 - 1/4 inches

Stratification Requirements: 4-6 weeks cool stratification



Showy Goldeneye is a beautiful and versatile wildflower native to the western United States. It is well-adapted to the region's climate and can be found growing in mid to high elevations on most soil textures, including rocky gravels. This plant is known for its bright yellow, sunflower-like flowers that bloom in the summer, adding a beautiful pop of color to any landscape. The low water requirement, drought tolerance, and cold-hardiness of Showy Goldeneye make it an ideal plant for areas with low rainfall or harsh winters. Additionally, the plant reseeds itself well, making it a reliable choice for many wildland plantings.


One of the most significant benefits of Showy Goldeneye is its ability to attract various pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects, making it an excellent choice for creating wildlife habitats. The plant's bright yellow flowers are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer excellent palatability for many species of wildlife and livestock. Showy Goldeneye is a valuable, underused, native forb species that is adapted to many sites for land restoration and beautification. This plant is also fairly easily established, which means it can be an excellent choice for those looking to add diversity to their landscape or restore disturbed soils. Overall, Showy Goldeneye is a versatile and beautiful plant that provides numerous benefits to wildland plantings, making it an ideal choice for conservationists, landscapers, and gardeners alike.



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Photo Credit: Andrey Zharkikh

Showy Goldeneye


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