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Common Name: Nelson Larkspur

Scientific Name: Delphinium nuttallian or nelsonii

Native / Introduced: Native

Main Uses:

~Wildlife habitat restoration

~Wildflower mixes

~As a pollinator

Height: 10 – 24 inches

Colors: Blue

Flowering Season: Summer

Elevation: 1,000 – 10,000 ft

Soil Types: Most well drained soils

Sun or Shade: Full sun

Minimum Precipitation: 14 - 24 inches

Lifecycle: Perennial

Planting Seed Rate: 6 - 8 lbs/acre

Estimated Seeds Per Pound: 650,000

Optimal Planting Season: Fall or spring

Planting Depth: 1/4 inch

Stratification Requirements: None

Category: Forbs



Nelson Larkspur (Nuttall's Larkspur, Two-lobe Larkspur, Upland Larkspur) presents an enchanting display with its striking purple-blue raceme of flowers that grace the landscape during the summer months. This common species is widely distributed across the majority of western states, thriving in elevations ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 feet. Typically, Nelson Larkspur is found in drier open sites, adapting to various habitat types. While it flourishes best in well-drained, medium-textured soils, it demonstrates the versatility to grow in different soil types. With low to moderate water requirements, this species proves attractive to wildlife and livestock, despite its toxic nature, particularly to cattle. Nelson Larkspur holds significant value in wildflower plantings, contributing to land restoration efforts, and serves as an essential pollinator species in the ecosystem.



NRCS Plant Profile:

Nelson Larkspur ( Nuttalls Larkspur )


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